Water Sifu #2 – Water Treatment Operator or Distribution Operator Certification

Water Distribution and Water Treatment Operator CertificatesWater Sifu Episode 2 – Water Treatment / Distribution Operator Certification
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In this episode of The Water Sifu, I concentrate our discussion on Operator Certification.  I will discuss why you want to get certified, how to get certified, how to keep your certification, and how to move up the certification ranks, using California as a guideline.

Even though the overall certification process is similar and the exam questions all cover the same subjects, every state can vary a little by what they call the different levels of certification and the exact requirements for certification.  If you are outside of California, please look up your state on the links page of this website for the exact requirements in your state.  Even if you live outside California, you will still get a good look into how the process works, which will provide a good base of knowledge.

I also discuss water treatment and distribution training courses, exam testing, continuing education requirements, and reciprocity between states.

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2 Responses to Water Sifu #2 – Water Treatment Operator or Distribution Operator Certification

  1. Dan Dan the Hot Dog Man says:

    Just started listening to your podcast. Just picked up something in your second podcast in your explanation of ‘sifu’. Microsoft Word is unlikely recognise the word as it is a Romanisation of the Chinese word and the Chinese language does not use the Roman alphabet. As you have correctly pointed out, it basically means ‘teacher’, Word will recognise ‘teacher’ (the direct translation) but will not recognise ‘sifu’ as it is not an English word, ‘sifu’ is an attempt to pronounce a Chinese word using Roman characters (Pinyin). Also, as you are probably aware, there are two main Chinese variants, Mandarin (majority) and Cantonese (minority). There is no difference in the way these dialects are written, the characters are the same, however, the pronunciation is different, sometimes a little, sometime a lot. ‘Shifu’ and ‘sifu’ are the same word with the same meaning. ‘Shifu’ is the Romanisation of the Mandarin pronunciation, while ‘sifu’ the Romanisation of the Cantonese pronunciation. Same word, same meaning, two different pronunciations. I guess it’s a bit like ‘tomato’ which is spelled the same in the US and in the UK has exactly the same meaning but pronounced quite differently in the two English-speaking countries. Working my way through your podcasts now, keep ‘em coming!

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