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This video will introduce you to this site, and show you the most efficient manner with which to use this site to study for your particular exam.


Passing your Water Treatment or Water Distribution Exam, the First Time:
There are six common mistakes many people make over and over that stop them from passing the state water treatment or distribution exam. I want cover those in detail here so you can avoid them.


Water Math DVD Bonus Footage – Part I
Additional math problems covering Specific Capacity and Detention Time.


Water Math DVD Bonus Footage – Part II
Additional math problems covering Surface Loading / Overflow Rate and Unit Filter Run Volume.


Breakpoint Chlorination
This video will discuss breakpoint chlorination in detail explaining combined residual, free residual, total residual, and chlorine demand. Also dicussed will be how you may actually see questions relating to breakpoint chlorination on your state exams


Chloramine Formation and Reactions With Chlorine
In this video, we use the breakpoint curve to show how chloramines are formed, how chloramines and chlorine interact to form dichloramines and trichloramines, and why mixing chloraminated and chlorinated waters is a bad idea. Watching my “Breakpoint Chlorination” video prior to this is recommended, but not necessary.


Water Treatment Overview:  Conventional and Direct Filtration
This video will walk you through the treatment process using a direct filtration plant (and explaining conventional treatment along the way) and actually allows you to see, the flash mix process, flocculation basins, gravity filters, backwashing, and the spend washwater reclamation process.


Water Treatment Plant Tour of a 40 MGD Membrane Filtration Plant
Although not something I would expect to see on a certification exam, I think it is very valuable to see how different plants operate.  This video will walk you though a 40 MGD submersible membrane filtration, water treatment plant, with DAF (dissolved air flotation) pretreatment systems, and pH and alkalinity adjustments.


Presence / Absence and MPN Testing for Coliform Bacteria
An explanation of the Colilert Method of Presence / Absence and MPN testing for coliform bacteria and e-coli bacteria.


Alkalinity Test
For people new to lab work, this video is meant to show you how to perform a basic test for pH and alkalinity.


pH, Alkalinity, and Hardness
This video will cover information that you need to know for your exam.   Also covered are acids and bases, calcium carbonate saturation, and measurement of calcium carbonate saturation using the Langelier Index and the Marble Test.  If you have been having trouble grasping these subjects and tying them all together in a way that makes sense, then this video is for you.