About the Podcast

“Hey Ty!   I emailed you awhile back about my interest in your podcasts.  Just wanted to send a quick message to say I am proud to report I passed my DSL test FIRST TRY!!  Woohoo! Thank you thank you thank you!! Your podcasts were extremely helpful!  I have shared your info with several people and my superiors, so hopefully you get some more business.  I really have to give you credit because almost everyone I work with that have taken these tests usually fail several times because of the lack of quality courses to learn the subject. So on that note, thank you again!! Hope life is treating you well!”

Welcome to “The Water Sifu” podcast, the show dedicated to helping you pass your water treatment and distribution exams.  Made by a water worker for water workers, or aspiring water workers, I have designed this site and the podcasts to help you study for your exam in an efficient and effective manner, and to guide you down the best path for success, while also trying to present this material in an entertaining format.

Listening to the Show
There are many ways to listen to the shows on this site. You can stream them directly from this site.  You can download them and take them on the go via many pod-catchers, such as Itunes, the blackberry store, google play, or one of the many apps such as the one listed below.  Search under the show name “The Water Sifu”.  If you are not familiar with podcasts and podcasting, you are in for a treat… you’re about to be informed of  not only on a great way to take this show with you on the go, but also a great form of mobile entertainment.

What is a Podcast?
The video below is of a speech I gave at a BAYWORK workshop, “Using Technology to Teach”, where I discussed how I am using podcasting to train water workers.  In it I answer the question “What is a podcast?”, explain my method of producing podcasts, and also provide some great resources.

The following link also does a great job of explaining podcasting:
What Is A Podcast?

For those interested in subscribing to a podcast, but unsure how…
How do I Subscribe in iTunes

A Great Podcasting App
I’ve also really been enjoying using a new app called “icatcher” for my phone.  It makes listening to podcasts on the go easier than ever by allowing you to search content really easily and download episodes directly to your phone via 3G or wi fi connection.   Also, when you search a podcast it gives you easy access to that podcasts entire back directory as shown in iTunes.  This app does away with the need to sync your phone to your computer to update shows, allows you to grab them anywhere and anytime, very easily and gives you a really simple interface to find them.  I highly recommend it!