Water Sifu #27: Membrane Filtration

Submersible Ultrafiltration MembranesMembrane Filtration

Membrane Filtration is the wave of the future in the water treatment field.  This month I spend a little time talking about my new job and the last State Treatment Exam, and then get into talking about membrane filtration in depth.

Membrane plants are totally different from plant to plant, so we talk about the different types of plants first and then jump into the items they all have in common.  In this show we cover the difference between pressure systems and submersible, suction systems.  We discuss the difference between microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, and reverse osmosis.  We then discuss several methods of cleaning membrane systems and judging membrane performance common to most plants…  flux or flow, trans-membrane pressure, permeability, membrane integrity testing, backwashing, or CIP’s and recovery cleans.

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