Water Sifu #22: Water Treatment Techniques, Part 2

Water Treatment Plant using Dissolved Air Floatation SystemsTreatment Techniques, Part 2
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Part 2 of 2 in a series on water quality problems and treatment techniques…  I begin this show by talking about my recent meetings with Leo Laporte, “The Tech Guy”, and Cliff Ravenscraft, “The Podcast Answerman”.  I then spend a brief time discussing my latest project “The Other Water Math DVD you’ve been looking for”, which works as a Part 2 to my existing Math DVD, and takes the subject to the next level.

Hopping into the meat of the show, we continue right where we last left off, covering tastes and odor problems in detail, including adsorption with granulated or powdered activated carbons, oxidation, and air stripping.  After that, we move on to cover iron and manganese problems and trihalomethanes.  If you are planning on testing anytime soon, the two shows in this series are critical information, and a true “must listen and learn”.  Please share with any friends in the water industry.

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