Water Sifu #19: Meters and Valves

Water Meter and Gate ValveMeters and Valves
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In this episode of The Water Sifu, I spend a brief time discussing some things going on in my life, as well as upcoming episodes, and then jump into the meat of the show, discussing the types of meters and valves you will find in a distribution system.  Items covered under meters include types of positive displacement meters and velocity meters.  Types of valves discussed include ball, plug, diaphragm, gate, butterfly, pressure reducing, surge control, check, foot, pressure relief, altitude, air, and float.

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2 Responses to Water Sifu #19: Meters and Valves

  1. Glenn G. Barbagallo says:

    Ty, I found the content of this podcast very helpful and touched on some topics I needed to have reinforced since my classes ended. I ordered both of the Math DVD’s and I’m looking forward to your clever approach on teaching us water math.

    Thanks Ty

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