Water Sifu #17: Trenching, Shoring and Water Main Construction

Because sometimes you just can't get a shutdown.

Because sometimes you just can’t get a shutdown.

Trenching Shoring and Water Main Construction
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This week focuses on everything having to do with main construction and installation… pipe types, joints, soil types, competent person, trenching and shoring, excavations, pipe laying, back-filling, and flushing / bac-t procedures.

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2 Responses to Water Sifu #17: Trenching, Shoring and Water Main Construction

  1. Franco says:

    Hi Ty,
    I have been enjoying the podcast so far and have recomended to a number of coworkers. I got my Ohio Class III a number of years ago and have also done some teaching to help people pass the exams. Would be cool to submit them for contact hours!

    Keep it up.

    • tywhitman says:

      Awesome! Thank you very much. New one coming out next week… distribution flash cards. I agree on the contact hours thing. I may try to automate a way to do that a bit down the road.

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