Water Sifu #15: Water Treatment Exam Prep – Audio Flash Cards

Water Treatment and Water Distribution Exam Preparation Flash CardsWater Treatment Exam Prep
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I think that creating and using flash cards is an incredible tool for ingraining the knowledge when studying for your water treatment or distribution exams.  A major stray from my normal show type, this week will basically be a “study guide on the go” for people testing for a Treatment Exam.  Think of this weeks show as audio flash cards… which is essentially what it is.

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20 Responses to Water Sifu #15: Water Treatment Exam Prep – Audio Flash Cards

  1. James Duran says:

    This is great, very useful.
    Can I purchase a copy of this Audio flash?

    • tywhitman says:

      Haven’t thought about that James. Maybe someday I’ll edit all my shows, cut the most useful stuff into a long “exam review / prep”, and add the audio flash. For now they are just available as free downloads.

  2. jim says:

    Hi Ty, very good and i want to thank you being new to this and going to take a test soon,i got the math dvd, it was great, and i have co work buying one from e bay this passed friday, you are great andmake learning easy again thanks and i will get the word out to others thanks jim m

    • tywhitman says:

      Thank you very much Jim. Comments like yours from people I have been able to help make this all worthwhile.

  3. Steven White - Class 1 Operator says:

    Hey Ty,
    I really appreciate all that you provide in the way of study materials. I love the idea of the audio flash cards. I would definately like to see more. They are a nice way to study while switching things up from just pounding the books. Convenient to listen on Ipod or Mp3 even while doing other things.
    Thanks again

  4. mj says:

    Audio flash cards, awesome idea! A great break from staring at the book.

  5. Scott Thayer says:

    Very good stuff, obviously you have introduded study notes,
    so you can listen and read at the same time, add little notes..
    or create your own personal flash cards.. Im recommeded this
    to all the operators I know.. audio, study notes, math dvd,
    you tube video’s, your email, Its the only complete Water training
    course/program out there.. thanks for all you do!

  6. Mrugen Patel says:

    Hi Ty,

    I am greatly thankful to you on creating this pod castings where we learn things really fast rather than reading a book. I have an exam coming up for water treatment 1 in Arizona by end of this September and hoping to pass. Also, how should i download your pod casts into my mp 3 player????


    • tywhitman says:

      Hi Mrugen. Thanks for the interest. Check out my “about the podcast” page for info on downloading the shows to your device. If you have a basic mp3 player and not a smart phone, it would be easiest to download them to your computer via iTunes and then sync your player with you computer.

  7. William says:

    Outstanding study material, I’ve been cramming information so I can take my Level 3 test for the state of Iowa today and I’m super excited/nervous hoping that I can pass on the first shot. Your material and podcasts are great to listen to while driving to and from work. You transition well from point to point and stay on topic, Defiantly gives that laid back classroom vibe and allows audio learners that extra bit to help lock the knowledge in.
    Thanks again and keep up the good work.


  8. Cheryl says:

    Ty, Hope all is well. This is so helpful In my studying. Thanks you so much for taking the time to help out! I am taking my 2B exam in NY in 8 days and all I do is read and study. Listing to these pod cast really helps out!!

    So Helpful, So Thankful!


  9. Corey Bracken says:

    Thanks for taking the time to put this together. Taking the T1 test in May in LA!

  10. Joshua says:

    Very helpful Thank you!

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