Water Sifu #14: Passing your Water Treatment or Water Distribution Exam – The First Time

IMG_0937Passing your Water Treatment or Water Distribution Exam
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In this podcast I share my advice on how to best improve your chances of success on your water treatment and water distribution exams.  From exam prep, to what to study, to where to find the best study materials, to how to study, and how to test, this podcast has it all.

The following link will help you to best use the material on this site to prepare for your treatment or distribution exams.

Unfortunately, since recording this podcast, the Minnesota Rural Water Assn has taken down their free practice exams.

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10 Responses to Water Sifu #14: Passing your Water Treatment or Water Distribution Exam – The First Time

  1. Reginald Burgess says:

    Hello I was hoping to buy something like a Dvd video
    To help study a different way

    • tywhitman says:

      Thanks for your interest. At this time the only product I have available like that is my Math DVD. You can find it on the “training” tab.

  2. Ed Arandia says:

    Hey Ty,

    For some reason this link for distribution was not working. I am currently in California and trying to get into the Water Treatment field and am going for my D2 in March and T2 in May and I got to say that this site is a god send Ty. Thank you for creating this site

    • tywhitman says:

      Thank you very much, Ed. Comments like that make it all worth while. My next podcast (March 15th) will be a distribution flash cards show. Should be a good last minute review. Awesome job going for the T2, D2… glad to be able to help. I’ll check out the link.

  3. ernest lee jr says:

    your podcast are great and very helpful for I have difficulty with water math. Please keep up the great work you do, as I prep for the Ohio State water operator I exam.
    Thank You

  4. Getting ready to sit for my D O III Oregon for the second time. I failed it the first time because of math 6/18. I am terrible at water math because never get to use it in the field. Will your DVD’s help me prepare to take my test.

  5. JoSh Olufsen says:

    Thanks Ty. I am taking my D3 again. ..I missed by only a few. But I found the pod casts an hour before the test. So this time Ihave listened to the pod casts for the three months really helpful sifu. I belive the traing will pay off this time. Thanks agian.

  6. Jarrod Walker says:

    Hey Ty, Thanks again for all the material you provide for people getting in to the water industry. Just took my D2 this weekend and am pretty confident I passed but I wanted to share that while waiting in line I heard a guy behind me taking his D3 talking about watersifu.com and when I turned to tell him I used it too so did another guy and all the people within ear shot asked about it. So your site is making a pretty big impact for quite a few people. We all appreciate it…now to study for my T2 in november! Time to make some more flash cards.

    • tywhitman says:

      Jarrod, Glad to hear that you felt good about your exam. In my experience, most people who leave feeling confident actually do pass the test, so I’ll give you an early congrats, and best of luck on your T2. Thanks for the word about the sites awareness. Gave me a big smile. It always makes my day to hear when this site and these podcasts are helping people to succeed!

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