Water Sifu #13: Water Math

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Knowing your water math is a huge step in passing any distribution, treatment, or waste water state exam. Those that know it have a huge step up and those that don’t are often doomed to fail. Unfortunately, finding information to teach water math in a clear and easy way can be difficult. This podcast will discuss my views on water math.  It will also introduce my new DVD, The Water Math DVD You’ve Been Looking For, and explain why it will be a very helpful tool for those looking to learn water math the simplest easiest way.

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10 Responses to Water Sifu #13: Water Math

  1. Reginald Burgess says:

    I would like,to buy your Dvd please send information about it.

    • tywhitman says:

      Thanks for your interest! The DVD can be bought directly from this site, via pay pal, on the “training” tab

  2. Steven Jackson says:

    Im currently taking a course of “WATER 107” and im having so much trouble understanding the subject of water math, I have viewed your videos showing how to work the problems and the solutions, and it has been a great help to me. Im definitely purchasing your DVD’s when I get the money. The time and effort you take out to help people like my self and many others is GREATLY appreciated!

  3. LaMont Foster says:

    I purchased both DVDS. Do you have any podcasts on time and supply. Did not find on the dvds. IE.. If a 5mg tank has an effluent of 3,250 gpm, how long will it take to empty?

    • tywhitman says:

      Hi Lamont,

      The principles behind answering that problem are found on the Disc 1 of the first DVD course. They are listed under “flow conversions” and “flow problems” in the workbook that goes along with the course.

      But to answer the above problem for you:

      5 MG = 5,000,000 gallons
      5,000,000 gallons / 3250 gpm = 1538 minutes

      The answer in “minutes” form would be: 1538 minutes

      To answer that specific question exactly I would need to what form the answers are in (seconds, minutes, hours), but if the answers were in hours form…

      1538 minutes / 60 minutes in an hour = 25.64 hours

      .64 hours will likely need to be converted back to minutes, so:

      .64 hours x 60 seconds in an hour = 38.4 minutes

      Answer in hours form would be: 25 hours 38 minutes

  4. Kevin says:

    Hi, I understand that you’re proud of your DVD I may even order a copy. At the moment it is 5:30 I am listening to the math pod cast….. The intro is starting to drag….No offence but I don’t want to hear about your trip to Disney Land… Are all the pod castes like this??? I’m sure there is alot I can learn from you but you’re starting to lose me

    • tywhitman says:

      Hi Kevin. How in the world are you gonna diss my Disneyland story? lol. I recommend listening to more than 10 minutes of one of my podcasts before judging them all. Sometimes I get a little off track, but it’s all part of a grand scheme. This stuff can get dry, and I try to spice it up a bit. My style may not be for everyone, but it seems to work very well for most. I can assure you though, that any of my paid products.. ala the DVDs, get right into the subject matter. Thanks for your comment.

  5. Aston York says:

    Hello Ty,

    I ordered your DVD’S a little over 4 months ago, and they were a HUGH help!!!
    I just took my A Operators test for Oklahoma yesterday, and passed with flying colors.
    You explained the math so flawlessly, really makes it easy to understand. Visualization is everything when teaching, and you did a great job. I recommend your site to every operator I come into contact with now. Much thanks to you for putting this together! I wish you taught Wastewater classes too!!!

    Again Thank You,

    • tywhitman says:

      Congratulations on passing your exam, Aston. Thank you very much for your kind message, and for passing on the word about the podcast and website. I wish you the best with everything going forward.

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