Water Sifu #8 – Fluoridation: Safe and Effective ….Really??? (part 3 of 4)

Fluoride, Safe and Effective?Fluoridation – Safe and Effective  ….Really???
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Part 3 of 4, This episode will focus on the “safe and effective” aspects of water fluoridation.  I ask the questions… “Is it safe?” and “Is it effective?” on the way to answering the ultimate question, “Is it worth it?”.   Among the evidence brought out is a chart graphing the decline of dental carries in both fluoridated and non-fluoridated communities around the world and an essay titled “Why I Changed My Mind About Fluoridation“, by Dr. John Colquhoun, a previous  Principal Dental Officer from  New Zealand.  We discuss fluoridation studies, covering information published by the CDC’s scientists, and further discuss ways that pro fluoride groups have perverted evidence to further their cause.  Also discussed are the side effects of fluoridation, including accidents as well as risks of exposure to infants, citing the ADA’s own manual which states that infants should not drink fluoridated water. Finally, several  individuals, groups, or countries which oppose water fluoridation are mentioned.

Ralph Nadar
Dr. Paul Connett:  50 reasons to oppose fluoridation
EPA’s Union of Scientists and Engineers (You Tube video)

This eye opening podcast is a must listen.

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