Water Sifu #5 – Women in the Water Industry

Nanene Sampling Source Water

Nanene Sampling Source Water

Water Sifu Episode 5:  Women in the Water Industry
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This episode of The Water Sifu is a discussion / interview, and will focus on women doing field work in the water industry.  Special thanks to Nanene, Brenda, Sheri, and Theresa for their help

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4 Responses to Water Sifu #5 – Women in the Water Industry

  1. Matthew Alvarez says:

    Hi, my name is Matt Alvarez. I love what you have going here. I was a Water Operators Assistant for the City of Watsonville for 900hr. Realize the potential in this career field. I live in Corralitos, Ca. We have a really old slow sand filtration plan right down the street from me house. Our sources for plant are Browns Valley Creek and Corralitos Creek. If you ever want to check it out I’ll arrange a tour. Its really nice here. The reason I’m writing you isn’t just because I’m stoked to fine your resources , but also to explain something about our fluoride issue. The way I heard it went down was somebody on the top applied for a grant. That grant was for fluoride and we got it. The problem now was how to implement fluoride. The amount they gave us was insufficient. Plus the Operators were against it. This is how we got forced, once you accept the grant it’s in the works and you can’t just back out easily. We were forced because someone opened Pandora box. I only know little bit about the details but if you want to talk to a really smart guy call my buddy Beau Kaiser 768-3193

    • tywhitman says:

      Hi Matt, Thanks for the message. I’m sure you didn’t “apply” for the grant. The way this normally works is that if “someone” can come up with the money, water companies are forced by law to implement fluoridation. The problem, other than the fluoride, is that it is almost never enough and leaves water companies and consumers stuck with the bill for it all. Aauuggg! Your message is getting me all riled up again….

  2. Jacqueline Torres says:

    Hello Ty, I really enjoy your show and is my “music” all day in my work truck.
    I have water treatment licence C, pass the test 2 week after I stared at the plant in Orlando Florida, I was a nice surprise this show, as a woman in water industry I feel lonely, be the only operator in the entire Orange County Utilities I feel the pressure and some times the hostility, but I love this job. BTW after 6 months with C licence I am getting ready for the B and your show is an invaluable tool. Thank you so much. hope live give you back all the blessings you deserve.

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