Water Sifu #1 – An Introduction to The Water Sifu, and Working in the Drinking Water Industry

Ty WhitmanThe Water Sifu – Episode 1
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This first episode of The Water Sifu will introduce you to myself and explain how I went from a life devoted to the martial arts to running a water distribution system, working in water treatment, and sitting behind the microphone.  I will also discuss the potable water industry, jobs in that industry, and why it is such a great industry to be working in.

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21 Responses to Water Sifu #1 – An Introduction to The Water Sifu, and Working in the Drinking Water Industry

  1. Bob says:

    Tye , great pod casts ! I’m studing for a couple test , water treatment & waste water so your pods were a BIG help ! Thanks , also got your first dvd’s on the beginning math think I need the next math ones now ! But was wondering you did such a great job on the pod casts & the math dvd’s too , how about an app for making the math easier to !? There seems to noughing out there . What do you think ??

    • tywhitman says:

      Bob, Thanks so much for the interest and compliments. I won’t completely rule out the idea of an app. Frankly, however, apps cost a lot to make and I don’t think the interest would be there enough to recoup the costs of making it.

  2. live says:

    Great podcast, I found it entertaining and interesting. I am currently in the maintenance field, responsible for plumbing, irrigation, pumps, restrooms… and so on. The company I work for (like yours) offers opportunity for advancement if you hold a T2 or higher. So, I am trying to study for that. You werent kidding about the material being dry, a couple of pages in and my eyes start to glaze over. I think listening to your episodes will keep me motivated. I look forward to episode 2.

    • tywhitman says:

      🙂 Thank you very much for the compliments on the podcasts. I totally appreciate it! If you are shooting for you T2, be sure and watch the “Start Here” video. It will show you some of the best places to focus your attention.

  3. Mike Rodriguez says:

    I drive 1 1/2 HOURS one way to work my life was up side down, My wife was dying of
    cancer for 2 years 2011 she pass away , So now I met someone who works 5 mins ,from her work, like a gentleman I said I will do the long drive, not her My water plant is
    unusual my boss said I can have any shift I want so 2-12 hrs and 2-8 hrs=40HRS per week, I have
    been working at the water plant for 8 yrs. I have try to get my B license surface in texas
    I HAVE live in calif. orange county for 45 yrs , I listen to your podcast every day , SO MUCH THAT NOW I ANSWER THE DOOR I SAY ,WHOO ! KNOCKING AT MY DOOR!!! THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME HOPE, MIKE

  4. ArtC says:

    I really want to order your math DVDs but I’m weary that it does not say secure site and am a little nervous using my card. I’ve never used Paypal . I worked as a water utility worker for 6 1/2 years, and was let go for not getting my d1, got a 61% on test last sept. The math really got me, there really is not a lot of info out there on water math. I’m gonna take a leap of faith Ty and order them, I just started my class at local community collage for intro to water, sent I. Paper work for my t1, and am waiting to finish my class to take the d2, if for some reason I fail class I’ll take d1.

    • tywhitman says:

      I can understand your worries. I was probably one of the last people at my work to use direct deposit for my paycheck; I don’t do online banking, and years back I was worried about setting up a PayPal account as well. However, PayPal is the premier company for online payment processing and they have an awesome track record. (They are also the main payment processor for eBay sales.) I’ve used them for years for all my purchases, and use them here exclusively for selling my DVDs. They’ve never has a problem, and I have complete faith in them.

      Nice move jumping to the D2… don’t plan on failing it. Just focus on passing it. If the course you took fulfills the T2 requirement as well, you should plan on taking that test after getting your D2.


  5. Beau says:

    Hey Ty?

    Is it possible to send you a check instead? I jumped into this field about 12 months ago. I believe you and I have a lot in common. Hopefully, with your instruction and my desires, I plan on taking tests in both the Distribution and a Treatment and kicking butt!! Just listened to your first cast and it sounds terrific!


    • tywhitman says:

      Hi Beau! Thanks for the interest. I can take a check instead of a PayPal payment for the DVDs if you email me (listed on the “contact” page), but PayPal is the easiest way. Best of luck with all your endeavors!

  6. Johnpaul says:

    Tye, your podcasts have been very helpful! I want to thank you for taking the time and effort to present this material in an organized and easy-to-understand format.

    Johnpaul 😎

  7. Adam Brunt says:

    Thank you for creating this site with the podcasts and youtube videos! I live near Portland Oregon and go to Clackamas Community College. They have a great water program up here! In my first term of classes to lead into my exams in the spring. I am learning about water and wastewater. I also plan on taking my exams for both areas. All the review I can get will be helpful!

  8. Oscar says:

    Hey ty I’m 23 and I don’t know were to start studying from most ppl work for water company’s as maintenance and stuff and have some wat experience I work for irrigation wells and I’m looking to get a better paying job and have a career

    • tywhitman says:

      You’re in the right place Oscar. I recommend you start with the “start here” video on this website, and then watch the “passing your exam the first time” one. Those will set you on the right path.

  9. Mark says:

    Hello Ty,

    I just discovered your site the other day. I work at a gold mine in Nevada and treat water for our mineral processing. I really love what I do, but I hate the town I live in, and am looking for a similar job in a better town. I see water treatment jobs available in just about every city I look at. Do you know if there are many big differences between potable water treatment, and industrial water treatment?

    • tywhitman says:

      Sorry Mark. My career has been spent entirely in potable water. Having never worked in industrial water treatment, I cant really comment on that industry.

  10. James Waters says:

    Com: can you earn CEU through your teachings. I’m in the process of writing to Virginia Department of Water/wastetwater to get the answer and will forward any information that you may need get recognize by The Commonwealth of Virginia

    • tywhitman says:


      Thanks for the interest.

      You will not be able to get continuing education credit for the podcasts, YouTube videos, or Math DVDs on the website. They are for edcational and informational purposes only. In order to get credit, states will want to see proof that you completed a course, proof it was you that completed a course, proof of when you completed a course, and proof of how much time you actually spent on the course, among other things. The information in the podcasts or YouTube videos give you none of that.

      Having said that, I am in the process of creating classes which you WILL be able to use for Continuting Ed. Check out the “Continuing Education” page on this website for more details.


  11. Well look who just stumbled across the best podcast ever! These rock!

    I’m an environmental engineer that splits my time between water treatment and stormwater design. The podcasts are a fun little refresher to listen to while I’m at work. You break everything down in an easy to follow fun format.

    Thank you for doing these!

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